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I’ve been going to CREW for a little over a year now, and couldn’t be happier! The staff is amazing and always pushing you to go a little bit harder. Spin classes are definitely my favorite workout, but all of the classes are great. I’ve never taken a barre class where my legs aren’t shaking. Trying something new is always a little intimidating, but the instructors and client are super helpful and welcoming. I would recommend CREW to anyone, it took me a while to get here but I’ve never felt better!


Two words. LIFE CHANGING!! I never thought my work out routine would become my new way of life but yet here I am! If you want real progressive results in an exciting and welcoming environment CREW is where your journey begins. Their staff is hands down the most energetic, fun, knowledgeable, loving instructors you will ever meet. Whether your thing is spin or barre, the music is always bumping and classes will always leave you wanting more.


Never really cared for spin but I’m now obsessed with it after taking classes here. Class goes by so fast because I’m having a blast the entire time, never mind sweating up a storm!


If working out isn't the best part of your day, then you haven't been to CREW. At this boutique fitness studio, it is always a party no matter if it's 5am or 7pm or any time in between. With a hip, welcoming vibe you will quickly feel like you belong at this fun, calorie burning party.

The inspiring instructors and diverse playlists keep each class fresh and you don't even realize you are getting your ass kicked. The HIIT class, for example, is like as if you and Jane Fonda dropped acid and went to a rave. And have you been to a spin class where the instructor has become obsessed with Daft Punk and brings glow sticks so you can all ride like robots? There aren't many places where you can (safely) jump on a trampoline for only 30 min and burn more calories than going on a 5 mile (boring) run.  

CREW offers such a variety of types of classes at an array times and for different lengths of time. If you only have 30 minutes to spare you can jump into a Immersion Quickie class where you will get a full-body workout but could still get away without taking a shower and look (basically) presentable. Or try the monthly 90-minute cycle with dueling instructors, who may or may not end up in a girl fight over who's music is better. Unlike big, corporate gyms where you may get judgy looks if you're a newbie, the staff at CREW will quickly make you feel like you are at a barre where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came.


CREW has been growing and changing since the beginning in 2013. From its name to its location. The things that remain constant are not only most of it's members, but it's instructors and it's vision. It remains a place where the sense of support and community are like no other. Where everyone is friendly and encouraging towards one another. Where goals are set and met, then celebrated by all! The workouts are always challenging, fun and rewarding. 

CREW is by all definitions a second home, a second family and a huge part of my life. Thank you Kristen, for continuing to encourage every member to be the best of themselves, to invest in themselves and the value of a balanced life.  


A year ago I had major reconstructive shoulder surgery. After being sedentary for 3 months and finding great solace in chocolate, I needed to find a strategy to get healthy again!

Enter Kristen McVey and CREW. Kristen literally pulled me back into barre class and told me it was time to get my happy, healthy self back. I have to admit I was scared. I was scared of failing, I was scared of looking bad and I was scared of being judged. But this was all in my head. CREW is a family and every single person embraced me and encouraged me to take those first steps. After that first barre class something amazing happened.  

I realized that CREW is filed with all shapes and sizes working towards the same goal- to be the best version of ourselves possible. And I felt good, even proud. That first step was so hard but after that it was so much easier. The CREW family encourages you, challenges you and guides you making your goals achievable not overwhelming. I encourage everyone to take that first step.


About 2 months ago, I decided to join CREW for the sole fact that I was getting married and wanted to look good in a wedding dress. To be honest, when I joined, I figured my overall experience, motivation and commitment would be on par with the other gyms I had joined in my past.

I was so wrong! My experience at CREW has been far different. Right when I walked out of my first class, I knew I was obsessed. I fell in love with the classes, the community and the badass attitude. Anyone that knows me knows that they couldn’t pay me to work out, but after joining this fun, fresh and inspiring boutique fitness studio, I look forward to working out every day. The classes are totally sassy, fresh and full of banging music! Whether I am pushing it to my limits planking during an IMMERSION class, dripping in sweat tapping it back in a spin class, or in downward facing dog in a yoga class, I find my time at CREW to be the best part of my day.

I went from a ball of stress and anxiety burdened to an inspired and goal driven individual. On a personal level, CREW has been a life changer, physically, mentally and socially. Kristen has welcomed me into what I now reference as my 2nd home. She and the whole team are exceptional at keeping their clients motivated and engaged by finding fun ways to feel like you are part of something more than a fitness studio. Kristen is flexible and accommodating, and absolutely phenomenal at making me feel pampered! Thank you, Kristen! I truly feel blessed to be a member at CREW!

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