TUCK 35, 45 & 60

Our signature class combines weight training, ballet and Pilates. This class includes upper body work using 3 lb. free weights and resistance bands, challenging barre work to help tone the legs and seat, and impactful core and glute work on the mat. Each class ends with a deep stretch. Bare feet or grip socks required


Everything you love about our barre classes, but taken up a notch. Expect a high energy class where you sculpt long, lean muscle and increase your heart rate. We begin with mat work before heading to the barre. We then finish with a burst of high-intensity cardio and a cool down. Prepare to sweat! Sneakers required

TONE 30 & 45

It’s time to work your entire body with our favorite non-barre exercises. Expect to get a killer workout for your arms, legs, abs and seat, all completed right at your mat. Get ready to sweat and have some fun. This class is always fresh, new and a challenge. Bare feet or grip socks required


This 30 minute class lives up to its name. It is the perfect class to jump into before or after cycling for some added toning, before or after any studio class, or even on its own. Prepare to tone your arms using light weights and resistance bands and sculpt your abs in more ways than you knew were possible. It's more than just 30 minutes of bicep curls and crunches...Come see for yourself. 

target: core fusion

HIIT with a twist. In this 30 minute class you will go through rounds of ab shaking sequences and heart pumping cardio bursts! Sneakers required


"All about that bass", "Back that ass up", you get the point. This 30 minute class is all about your lower half: thighs and ass, so come burn your booty and tone your thighs - you'll thank us later.


This 30 minute candlelit class will have you feeling strong, sweaty, and stretched. Light strength and core training are combined with a series of stretches to have you feeling like your best badass self. 

TRAIN: Strong

We are big believers in switching up the routine. In this half hour class we will use a variety of props including 10lb & 15lb weights as well as medicine balls and resistance bands. Feel the challenge today and see the change tomorrow. 


POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming- could that be any more bad ass? The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Burn between 600 and 900 calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music! Bare feet required