snow day immersion
with deana

Stretch, warm up those muscles and let's get goin'!

Plank Series


Start in a hover plank (knees directly under the hips, pull the belly up and into the spine. I should be able to balance my dinner plate on your back!)

  • Hold 1 minute
  • Knees pulse down x 16
  • Knees pulse up x 16
  • Down an inch, up an inch x 8

Keep breathing! Walk your forearms down for a low plank (keep your booty down and pull out through the crown of the head)

  • Hold 1 minute
  • Lift your hips up to a pike and return down to your plank x 16

Phew… on to arms!



Let’s start off with some tricep dips! (no cheating, your booty stays still, let your triceps do the work. Your elbows should bend, pointing straight back. Heels down, toes to the ceiling)

  • Full range down and up x 16
  • Pulse down x 16
  • Full range down and up x 16
  • Pulse it up x 16
  • If you’re feeling feisty, do a set with one leg up R/L x 8


Walk it out for a reverse plank. Why? Because it’s FUN and you’re triceps are already dying. (Tuck that booty under, keep your chin off your chest and breathe during this!!)

  • Hold for 30 seconds
  • Hips down and up x 16
  • Hold for 30 seconds

Resistance Arms


This song is our anthem this winter. So play it loud and kill it. If you have weights you can use those, or grab some water bottles!

Light It Up (Quintino Remix) - Major Lazer

  • 0:00-1:00 lateral pulse to the beat
  • 1:00-2:00 squeeze back and extend (slide those shoulder blades together!)
  • 2:00-2:30 lateral pulse to the beat
  • 2:30-3:00 little circles front
  • 3:00-3:30 little circles back
  • 3:30- END lateral pulse to the beat

Lets keep it going! Grab a chair.


Thigh Series in Parallel

Feet together, high on the toes, squeeze through the inner thighs. Shoulders stacked right over hips.

  • Bend and stretch full range x 16
  • Pulse it down x 16
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Down and hold (30 seconds)
  • Open and close your knees (press on those heels!) x 16
  • Pulse the knees out x 16

Bring the knees together and hinge the upper body forward into a flat back

  • Pulse it down x 16
  • Drop and lift your heels x 16 with NO PULSE
  • Then for a challenge, add the pulse back while your drop and lift your heels
  • Keep your heels up and pulse it down x 16
  • Down and hold - till your legs shake!

Bridge Series

Winston popped in to say Hi!

Lay down on the floor, press up onto your toes and lift your hips up off the floor. Keep your bra-line pressing down into the mat

  • Lift and lower full range x 16
  • Down and lift halfway up x 16
  • Pulse it up x 16
  • Repeat
  • Hips lift to the RIGHT x 16
  • Hips lift to the LEFT x 16
  • Pulse it center x 16
  • Repeat
  • Lift that RIGHT leg up  and pulse it up x 16
  • Lift the LEFT leg and pulse it up x 16

Buns of steel people. Not feeling the burn? Repeat the circuit again starting from your full range lifts

Abs Series


Let’s start all the way down on  the floor with both legs up

  • Toe taps  x 16
  • Pulse it up x 16
  • Reach for your toes alternating R/L (one shoulder blade lifts at a time)
  • Repeat 2 times

Sit all the way up & fold your arms and flex your feet.

  • RIGHT leg lift x 8 (bring your knee to your elbow)
  • LEFT leg lift x 8
  • Alternate R/L x 16
  • Double Leg Lift x 16
  • Hold table top pose (with pointed feet) as long as you can!

Stretch & Hydrate...BONUS points if your choice of beverage is wine ;-)