snow day hiit
with maria

let's get warm!

Start with a light jog (20 seconds)

Move in to slow easy jumping jacks (15)

Then get your legs up and touch those toes (8 each side)! 

You are nice and warm! LETS GO! 1 minute each exercise!

Cross Jacks


Start arms and legs wide and cross in front of each other. Switch which leg is in front.

Squat to Lateral Raise


Don't let those knees go above those toes, and explode up! Grab some light weights for an added challenge!

Mountain Climbers


Hands under the shoulders, pull those knees in & keep that booty low!!! 

Curtesy Lunge to Leg & Arm Lateral Raise


Do one side first then the other side! Use weights. If you don't have them, wine bottles do the trick ;-)

Opposite Knee Touches

  Winston popped in to say Hi!

Hands behind ears elbows nice and wide bring opposite knee and elbow together.

Challenge yourself by making it cardio and adding speed and jumps!

Scissor Tiwts

Shoulders lifted
Head lifted
Hands behind ears elbows wide

Pull in opposite knee and elbow. Challenge yourself! Add speed!



High Plank

Legs jump in towards your chest then out and push-up then repeat!

Wall Sit

Right leg up, then left.


Repeat, one more time!

*Add a forearm plank at the end for fun! How long can you hold it? Challenge yourself- get that timer out! 

Cool Down

Stretch for 3-5 minutes after! Never miss a stretch! Let your body recover...and you guessed it, have that glass of wine!