"I wanted to take revenge on myself, to be quite honest.  Not the inflicting hurt or harm part, more like the taking away the suffering I've put upon myself part.  So, I joined Crew's 8 week Revenge Tour and that meant I joined the likes of some really dedicated women who wanted to take back their health one barre and spin class -- together -- at a time.  

We celebrated our successes in person and online; we also commiserated when we got off track and got in our heads.  The Crew instructors -- especially the small group leaders -- helped us physically and mentally during our journey.  

Yes, I've lost a few pounds and a few inches, and I know the numbers could have been higher, but I am proud of my commitment to consistency and balance.  The revenge tour brought my spirit, my balance, my energy into focus.  I don't plan to quit on myself ever again.  The Revenge Tour worked for me, and I suggest you give it a try."


"The Revenge Tour couldn’t have came at a better time for me and my crazy life. I was feeling down about myself and my body and just needed something to give me that boost I was longing for. Hello CREW for the win! This tour has been nothing but amazing. It has kept me accountable for my workouts and diet.

I planned my week around getting all my classes in, and felt so amazing when I completed them by Wednesday and had extras added to the week. Showing up everyday and seeing the others who strived for the results I was looking for was amazing. We encouraged each other to push ourselves further than we thought we could.

On top of that we had amazing instructors pushing us and giving us insight on life and telling us the things we needed to hear to help get us through the week. Knowing that I could to this because Kristen and Jillian said I could ran through my mind everyday. The classes kicked my ass in the best way. That feeling of soreness the next day was the best feeling in the world. My clothes fit better, people tell me I look thinner and happier. It’s all just amazing.

I am so thankful I walked into Barre Fly all those years ago to get a taste of the magic. Now I don’t know what I would do without these ladies, or the tour! The friendships I have made are amazing, and knowing I will be greeted by familiar faces everyday makes going to class great. I can’t wait to see where my future at CREW will take me."

More coming soon!