Immersion is an education platform, built for you by the team at C.R.E.W.. Immersion will allow you to extend your knowledge beyond the classroom and give you the tools to take your practice anywhere you go. In addition, you'll find the tools and support to help you achieve your individual fitness and nutrition goals.  IMMERSION will be available online as well as scheduled workshops, retreats, and trainings. 

What is the IMMERSION Approach?

The IMMERSION Approach is our philosophy to becoming full body fit. While we may have started as a traditional barre studio years ago, we have extended our knowledge and practice beyond that. The IMMERSION Approach combines our favorite and most effective exercises stemming from dance, pilates, and yoga.

Who is the IMMERSION Approach training for?

The IMMERSION Approach training is for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of our workouts and for those who wish to become an IMMERSION Educator. 

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