You Are Not Alone


The world has felt a little heavy this week and it seems as though one bold word is standing out: suicide. Currently 38,000 Americans commit suicide every year, each of which intimately effects 6 other people. It’s actually the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. 

Why am I sharing all this information with you? Because this is an important conversation to open up in our community. For any of you who have stepped though our front doors or taken a class, you know we are so much more then a gym. It isn’t the four walls that make us a community, its the people. 

At CREW, we try our best to keep the vibe light and the conversation inspiring, however we also have made a promise to ourselves to always be real. Being real means not always having it together. Being real means sometimes you need to fall apart and ask for help. 

Over the past five years I have always remained transparent to our community. The ups, the downs, the dark days, and the depressed ones.  This winter was impossible for only goal was to make it through the day. When my doctor prescribed me an antidepressant, I didn’t really want it, I thought I was stronger, that I should be able to face this days all on my own. That by taking this medication I would be somehow cheating. turns out, as strong as I am on my own, I was depressed, and the medication did help, and it also helped being open about it. 

During this time of my life, the times I felt the best were usually related to CREW. Whether it was letting something go on the bike, pushing myself in the studio, or that therapeutic time we all spend chatting on the floor after class. This community carried me through my darkness. 

I’m sharing my story with you to make sure that you know something. You need to know that as long as you are a part of our community, you are never alone. That you can make your time at the studio whatever you need it to be. CREW will always be your space, to sweat, to smile, to cry, and maybe even fall down - because we will always be here to pick one another up. Know that this community will never judge you, not where you’ve been, where you are, or where you’re going in life. CREW is a space to feel safe, to let something go, or to look for more. 

I want all of you to know, that no matter what, we are here. We are stronger together. 

You are never alone.
IN A CRISIS? CALL1.800.273.825