Living Well is the Best Revenge

So there is a little buzz going around the studio about our Revenge Tour and I wanted to open up about the inspiration of it. Yes, we all watch Revenge Body, most watch it when it airs on E! but, for me I never started watching it until my latest bout with insomnia. You see...I never had trouble sleeping. I workout often, eat a balanced diet, and limit my caffeine.  But after a personal “tragedy” (you’ll understand the quotations in a moment) I have had the most impossible time sleeping and would stay up all night long watching Revenge Body. 

I understand the concept and appreciate working hard to prove a point to something or something. However, I think the message always comes across at the end that the person is happier because of the work they did for THEMSELVES. 

So, what brought on our little revenge tour?

Let me open up with you (full disclosure: this is not easy). You may or may not know but, my husband left me...12 weeks after our wedding. Left. Gone. I don’t even remember the month of November…I was like the walking dead. I probably would of died if Jillian didn’t force feed me a donut every morning in my bed. No really, she let herself in and made me eat a bite of a donut and a sip of tea. In the weeks after he left I was lost.

What I remember most is waking up in the morning and having to remind myself what happened. I had just imagined a lifetime with this man and now I was left to start over. In those days I didn’t even know who Kristen was anymore. I was lost in a chaos of emotions and forced to put the pieces of my life back together. 

So obviously it has been the hardest winter of my life (sorry if I haven’t been myself and you weren’t sure why!). It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. Once I came out of the darkness, I had this feeling wash over me…peace. I finally found a small dose of peace after feeling like I had a storm inside of me. 

What was the peace? I think it has been a combination of things… from working out with all of you, reconnecting with my yoga mat, to my new haircut, and even some breathing exercises on loan from a dear friend. I realized the moment I shifted my focus from outward to inward everything changed. I had been doing the work on myself for months and hadn’t even been realizing it. 

The entire point of our Revenge Tour isn’t to get revenge on someone (I mean maybe indirectly) but the point is put in the work mentally and physically and achieve the level of confidence you have always deserved. It’s going to be a journey and we are going to push you to find peace in the process.

My goal for all of us during this 8 week program is to learn, to grow, to discover a piece of your insides that you may have forgotten about. We are all in it together and when the 8 weeks comes to an end I hope you feel so alive you want to tell everyone you know, because that is what we all deserve. 

Ready? Let's, go.