Marathon Weekend


I read a quote forever ago that said…

“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.”

THIS… is so true. 

A year ago, I ran the Boston marathon. Not only did I run the Boston marathon but I did it without training for it (thats a long story). Yes, I did finish, despite the insane conditions, but it was because of the people along the route and everyone who waiting for me at the finish line. 

There were dogs, kids giving out high fives, volunteers feeding me pretzels, strangers handing out orange slices, police officers cheering me on…It. Was. Moving. I can’t forget Debbie that I met at mile 22 who said we were finishing even if we had to crawl over the finish line…she was a badass. 

See the thing is, I had an obsession with the marathon since I was a kid. I loved watching it on tv. I had never been to a marathon in person until last year and I can tell you that I’ll never miss another one. There is already a magic in the air in the city…you can feel the energy. 

Whats the point of this rant? 

Right on Hereford…to a sea of ditched ponchos in 2018!

Right on Hereford…to a sea of ditched ponchos in 2018!

Well first of all…it’s a plea that if you’ve never been into our sweet little city to watch the marathon, GO. Run, don’t walk (see what I did there). You will be shook with the amount of positive contagious energy you’ll feel. I can also guarantee you will be in awe by the people crossing that finish line. So, if you’re in the market for some inspiration, get your cow bell on and get out there.

Second, it’s a nudge to get you thinking. Most of us are blessed enough to be strong and healthy and able, so what goal to you have that you are putting off? A 5k? A tough mudder? A half marathon? Hiking Mount Washington? 

If you’re waiting for the right time to start crossing goals off your list, I have bad news. It is never the right time. My life was in literal shambles when I ran Boston. Could I have had a better time if I had trained? Sure. That wasn’t part of my story though. For me, I did this huge thing and I was able to prove to myself how strong I really am. I proved to myself that pain is temporary and that once your heart decides to do something — your body and your mind will follow. 

Happy Marathon weekend Boston. If you’re lucky enough to be running this year — soak it all in, even the rain. You will get to Boston, because you were brave enough to start, and damn strong enough to finish.