For the Love of Cycle

Rewind a few years back and that is when I first fell in love with cycle. Walking in to my first “indoor cycling” class I wasn’t sure what to expect - I imagined it would be similar to spin which I had taken a bunch of times over the years at the big box gyms. I was anticipating music and lots of jumps and sprints - you know - the standard. Fast forward to the part where I was wrong about all of this. 

I fell, I fell so hard that first class. It was magic. The music, the push-ups, the darkness, and that one song that almost made me cry. I left and I didn’t even know what had happened to me but I was hooked. 

The weeks to follow, I would ride in the car and pick out my own songs that I wished I could cycle too. I found myself doing push-ups on the steering wheel and wishing the instructor could telepathically know I wanted to hear all these songs at my next class. This is when I knew I had to add cycle to the studio. 

Leading cycle classes has become one of the most inspiring parts of not only my job but most times my entire day. The truth is, every time I get to lead all of you in a ride it is just as magical as my very first cycle class. Watching you ride as one, pushing each other, crushing goals, and getting down right soaked in sweat is AMAZING. Jamming to the music, watching you sing along, and leaving your entire day on the bike is truly incredible. 

Cycle Instructor Certification

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Glad you asked… CREW is adding to the cycle team and it all starts with our certification program. From safety and setup to counting music and choreography our training has you covered. You’ll learn how to cue, format, and lead the pack through a sweaty, badass, inspiring ride. 

Not sure if you’re ready for the podium? Not a problem! Our cycle training is available to you even if you just want to learn more to get the most out of your rides with us. Come hang for the day and perfect that tap and run or side crunch! 

No matter what you plan to do after training  - you’ll learn a ton, have an awesome time, meet some new friends, and spend the day at your happy place. As they say... when you know better, you do better. 

See you on a bike Kristen