Proud to Introduce CREW Gives a $#*!

The community at CREW is really one of the things that we love most. The camaraderie between members as well as the staff is nothing short of inspiring. So many amazing people walk through our doors to sweat with us, each with their own passion and story to tell, each with their own goals and aspirations. We’ve learned so much from these members over the years. They have helped shape our story and given our space a heartbeat. Which is why we want to give back. 

Introducing, CREW Gives a $^#!. Inspired by our members fueled by community with a goal to give back. We want to support the causes that are most important to our clients, as a team, to put some positivity back in the world. 

Inspired by Our Youngest CREW Member

To be totally transparent - CREW Gives a $^#! was hugely inspired by our youngest member, Angie. You see Angie’s mom, Lisa, is essentially the team captain around the studio. Lisa aka L DES is a connector, a community builder, a thoughtful gem, and a special soul. It is totally safe to say the studio wouldn’t be the same without her. Lisa and Angie come for workouts together when they can (which we LOVE) and were chatting about a special project Angie is working on for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. 

Here’s what Angie has to say…

My name is Angelina Lucia, and I am a twelve year old girl. Being twelve and Jewish means that my Bat Mitzvah is coming up. For any Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you have to do a B’Mitzvoh Tav project; that means you do a whole project that can be about anything like sports, music, etc. I happened to pick books because I love to read and want to share and promote that.

For my project, I am collecting books to donate to hospitals, classroom libraries from schools I’ve attended, a local shelter, and my little free library. There are different ways I am collecting those books. One way, is that I am hosting little get togethers where I read to a certain age group and they bring new or gently used book donations for that age. Another way is that I am doing a read-a-thon where you have someone sponsor you, and for every book you read, they will buy one. In addition, I made an Amazon wishlist so that people can buy and donate books that will be recent and interesting. 

This is where you come in. I wrote this letter to ask you for donations. Any books you think kids ages infant through young adult would like to hear read to them or read themselves, would you please consider sending to me?

Being read to and reading is such an important part of life; it can help with stress relief, focus, mental stimulation, writing skills, and memory. 

I would so greatly appreciate any donations.

<Heart Melt Inserted Here>

We are so excited to have a book drive at the studio and help Angie make some significant donations. Through July you can bring new or gently used books to the studio and put them right on the buffet table in the main lobby!

Do you have an idea for CREW Gives?

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