Do It


How is it already almost October? Anybody else feel like time is flying by at record speed?! For me, I always felt like this time of year was a new beginning…I think from when I was a kid…fresh school supplies and a new pair of school shoes gave me new life.


Honestly, it’s a great time of year to reflect on what you’ve done so far this year and what is left to check off on the list (I love a good list). Personally, I always set out on a new year with some great goals, sometimes I crush them, sometimes I fall off the wagon, but right around this time of year I like to take a little inventory.

If you have a health or wellness goal that you’ve haven’t checked off your list yet this year, listen up. Just because the summer is over and sweater season has arrived doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop cranking. Actually, we think it’s the best time of year to get fit - can you say, jump start on a fresh year? Or how about some compliments about how great you look at the holidays? Little black dress on NYE?

The Revenge Tour

If you like the sound of any of this jump on board with our Revenge Tour. Our 8 week fitness program starts on Monday, October 1st and you have 24 hours left to register. If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, sign up. If you need to put yourself first for once, sign up. If you’re ready to transform your life from the inside out, sign up.

What you’ll soon realize, is that this is so much more then a fitness challenge. You’re going to work hard but you’re going to feel amazing. You aren’t going on a “diet” and you aren’t giving anything up. Your just going to learn how to feel your best and be surrounded by 24/7 support.

It’s time to make shit happen…… LFG.