"There is no footprint too small to leave an imprint on this world..."

So while I’m pouring my hearts out to ya’ll, I think it’s time to tell one more story, the reason why I opened up the studio. 

Rewind the years back to when I was 21(ish) and I was working at a day spa and salon. I was fortunate in this time of my life to meet so many amazing people, many that I still have contact with, however the most important was Avalanna. 


Who is Avalanna? I’m not even sure where to start. Avalanna was an angel on this earth, one that I was lucky enough to call my little “sister”. (She would be really mad if she saw those quotes but I’ll explain more in a moment) Av was the most brave, hilarious, inspiring, fun, kind, positive little girl that I will ever know, she also fought a courageous battle against ATRT. 

Av came into my life like a whirlwind when she was 5 years old. Our moms became fast friends and suddenly we had created our own little family. Even though Avalanna was sick she was the brightest light and brought so much excitement to each day. She also had incredible negotiating skills usually resulting in getting us all to have a dance party and mint chocolate chip ice cream. As she was fighting this battle against this very rare form of pediatric brain cancer, she was changing so many lives… including mine. 

Avalanna was an only child which is why we became soul sisters… I let her put my makeup on, we had sissy slumber parties, spent Christmas together, and I even taught her how to drive (in the driveway obviously). I feel so incredibly fortunate to have all of these experiences with Av.. while we were having all this fun she was dramatically changing the course of my life. 

In 2012, Avalanna's health declined, still she persevered. She inspired me to do something to make a difference which is when we had our first spin-a-thon (now called Avapalooza). I called every person I knew, pulled every favor I could, and pulled together a weekend long fundraiser resulting in raising tens of thousands of dollars solely for Cure ATRT Now


Later that year Avalanna went to be with the angels. I’ll never forget, it rained for a week after she left us. It felt like the world stopped. Suddenly the world had lost it’s bright light. I grieved so deeply for Av. So much of my happiness was gone and I felt like I no longer had a purpose. If the wold could lose the most magnificent soul at just 6 years old (she would of told you six and a half and three quarters) what was the point of carrying on. 

Months went by and I realized that I couldn’t kick and scream any longer. I had to do something to give back a glimmer of what she had given me. I was at work one day, I answered a phone call and a client was carrying on in misery about having her manicure before her pedicure. I hung up that phone and left for the day. I realized I was wasting my purpose answering those phones.

Suddenly, I was on the search. I decided to open a barre studio and create a place for people to run to for an hour. I wanted this space to evoke a feeling.. my sole mission was for people to leave feeling better then when they came. That was always how Avalanna made me feel, always better then when I had arrived, with a clear perspective of what was truly important. 

Join us at Avapalooza

So here we are at the crossroads of CREW and Avapalooza. It’s hard for me to even believe I have the honor of hosting this event. All of us who had the privilege of loving Av have vowed to keep her legacy shining bright and always raise awareness for ATRT.

On April 7th we invite you to join us at the studio to sweat and celebrate and raise money for an amazing cause. Grab your friends and family, join our team or create your own