Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new” - Brian Tracy

You’ll hear me say this over and over again in class- get comfortable being uncomfortable. Our minds are so powerful, more so than we think. See the thing is that our minds were built to keep us safe, away from harm, and comfortable. Which is why when we hesitate at something, our mind shifts to protect us, if we are hesitating it must be scary, right? 

Here is the problem, while our mind is keeping us “safe” we are actually living in a comfort zone.  Whats the problem with your comfort zone…well…everything…its killing you. When you take that uncomfortable step outside your safe space, you’re probably discovering some new things about yourself, accomplishing a goal, or finding happiness. The truth is, the longer you stay in that comfort zone the chances are you’ll slowly discover that its an unhappy place. 

Now what?


Feel the fear and do it anyway. Did you know that our bodies react the same way to fear as it does to excitement? Increased heart rate and high adrenaline levels prepare our bodies for fight or flight. The difference between fear and excitement lies within the power of our mind. You have to make a choice, to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Our job at CREW is to make sure that you are constantly growing both physically and mentally. Whether it’s introducing a new class with heavier weights or giving you some mental challenges during your workout - maybe its to pause or to let something go. The power is in your mind and body working together. 

I want everyone to take the next week to step outside your comfort zone. If you’ve never taken a cycle class, step in that room and embrace the unknown. Never been in our studio space? Afraid to take a class besides barre? Reserve a spot in class and challenge yourself. The magic happens in the space where you’re really afraid and you do it anyways. You don’t have to love it, you can hate it, but you challenged yourself to grow and thats what matters the most. 

We have so many opportunities at CREW to grow this summer from new classes to the revenge tour, grab one of these chances and make it yours. I can promise you this.. no matter what the outcome, you’re going to feel so damn proud of yourself, and that my friends is what it’s all about. 

Lets, Fucking. Go.

You Are Not Alone


The world has felt a little heavy this week and it seems as though one bold word is standing out: suicide. Currently 38,000 Americans commit suicide every year, each of which intimately effects 6 other people. It’s actually the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. 

Why am I sharing all this information with you? Because this is an important conversation to open up in our community. For any of you who have stepped though our front doors or taken a class, you know we are so much more then a gym. It isn’t the four walls that make us a community, its the people. 

At CREW, we try our best to keep the vibe light and the conversation inspiring, however we also have made a promise to ourselves to always be real. Being real means not always having it together. Being real means sometimes you need to fall apart and ask for help. 

Over the past five years I have always remained transparent to our community. The ups, the downs, the dark days, and the depressed ones.  This winter was impossible for only goal was to make it through the day. When my doctor prescribed me an antidepressant, I didn’t really want it, I thought I was stronger, that I should be able to face this days all on my own. That by taking this medication I would be somehow cheating. turns out, as strong as I am on my own, I was depressed, and the medication did help, and it also helped being open about it. 

During this time of my life, the times I felt the best were usually related to CREW. Whether it was letting something go on the bike, pushing myself in the studio, or that therapeutic time we all spend chatting on the floor after class. This community carried me through my darkness. 

I’m sharing my story with you to make sure that you know something. You need to know that as long as you are a part of our community, you are never alone. That you can make your time at the studio whatever you need it to be. CREW will always be your space, to sweat, to smile, to cry, and maybe even fall down - because we will always be here to pick one another up. Know that this community will never judge you, not where you’ve been, where you are, or where you’re going in life. CREW is a space to feel safe, to let something go, or to look for more. 

I want all of you to know, that no matter what, we are here. We are stronger together. 

You are never alone.
IN A CRISIS? CALL1.800.273.825

"There is no footprint too small to leave an imprint on this world..."

So while I’m pouring my hearts out to ya’ll, I think it’s time to tell one more story, the reason why I opened up the studio. 

Rewind the years back to when I was 21(ish) and I was working at a day spa and salon. I was fortunate in this time of my life to meet so many amazing people, many that I still have contact with, however the most important was Avalanna. 


Who is Avalanna? I’m not even sure where to start. Avalanna was an angel on this earth, one that I was lucky enough to call my little “sister”. (She would be really mad if she saw those quotes but I’ll explain more in a moment) Av was the most brave, hilarious, inspiring, fun, kind, positive little girl that I will ever know, she also fought a courageous battle against ATRT. 

Av came into my life like a whirlwind when she was 5 years old. Our moms became fast friends and suddenly we had created our own little family. Even though Avalanna was sick she was the brightest light and brought so much excitement to each day. She also had incredible negotiating skills usually resulting in getting us all to have a dance party and mint chocolate chip ice cream. As she was fighting this battle against this very rare form of pediatric brain cancer, she was changing so many lives… including mine. 

Avalanna was an only child which is why we became soul sisters… I let her put my makeup on, we had sissy slumber parties, spent Christmas together, and I even taught her how to drive (in the driveway obviously). I feel so incredibly fortunate to have all of these experiences with Av.. while we were having all this fun she was dramatically changing the course of my life. 

In 2012, Avalanna's health declined, still she persevered. She inspired me to do something to make a difference which is when we had our first spin-a-thon (now called Avapalooza). I called every person I knew, pulled every favor I could, and pulled together a weekend long fundraiser resulting in raising tens of thousands of dollars solely for Cure ATRT Now


Later that year Avalanna went to be with the angels. I’ll never forget, it rained for a week after she left us. It felt like the world stopped. Suddenly the world had lost it’s bright light. I grieved so deeply for Av. So much of my happiness was gone and I felt like I no longer had a purpose. If the wold could lose the most magnificent soul at just 6 years old (she would of told you six and a half and three quarters) what was the point of carrying on. 

Months went by and I realized that I couldn’t kick and scream any longer. I had to do something to give back a glimmer of what she had given me. I was at work one day, I answered a phone call and a client was carrying on in misery about having her manicure before her pedicure. I hung up that phone and left for the day. I realized I was wasting my purpose answering those phones.

Suddenly, I was on the search. I decided to open a barre studio and create a place for people to run to for an hour. I wanted this space to evoke a feeling.. my sole mission was for people to leave feeling better then when they came. That was always how Avalanna made me feel, always better then when I had arrived, with a clear perspective of what was truly important. 

Join us at Avapalooza

So here we are at the crossroads of CREW and Avapalooza. It’s hard for me to even believe I have the honor of hosting this event. All of us who had the privilege of loving Av have vowed to keep her legacy shining bright and always raise awareness for ATRT.

On April 7th we invite you to join us at the studio to sweat and celebrate and raise money for an amazing cause. Grab your friends and family, join our team or create your own



Living Well is the Best Revenge

So there is a little buzz going around the studio about our Revenge Tour and I wanted to open up about the inspiration of it. Yes, we all watch Revenge Body, most watch it when it airs on E! but, for me I never started watching it until my latest bout with insomnia. You see...I never had trouble sleeping. I workout often, eat a balanced diet, and limit my caffeine.  But after a personal “tragedy” (you’ll understand the quotations in a moment) I have had the most impossible time sleeping and would stay up all night long watching Revenge Body. 

I understand the concept and appreciate working hard to prove a point to something or something. However, I think the message always comes across at the end that the person is happier because of the work they did for THEMSELVES. 

So, what brought on our little revenge tour?

Let me open up with you (full disclosure: this is not easy). You may or may not know but, my husband left me...12 weeks after our wedding. Left. Gone. I don’t even remember the month of November…I was like the walking dead. I probably would of died if Jillian didn’t force feed me a donut every morning in my bed. No really, she let herself in and made me eat a bite of a donut and a sip of tea. In the weeks after he left I was lost.

What I remember most is waking up in the morning and having to remind myself what happened. I had just imagined a lifetime with this man and now I was left to start over. In those days I didn’t even know who Kristen was anymore. I was lost in a chaos of emotions and forced to put the pieces of my life back together. 

So obviously it has been the hardest winter of my life (sorry if I haven’t been myself and you weren’t sure why!). It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. Once I came out of the darkness, I had this feeling wash over me…peace. I finally found a small dose of peace after feeling like I had a storm inside of me. 

What was the peace? I think it has been a combination of things… from working out with all of you, reconnecting with my yoga mat, to my new haircut, and even some breathing exercises on loan from a dear friend. I realized the moment I shifted my focus from outward to inward everything changed. I had been doing the work on myself for months and hadn’t even been realizing it. 

The entire point of our Revenge Tour isn’t to get revenge on someone (I mean maybe indirectly) but the point is put in the work mentally and physically and achieve the level of confidence you have always deserved. It’s going to be a journey and we are going to push you to find peace in the process.

My goal for all of us during this 8 week program is to learn, to grow, to discover a piece of your insides that you may have forgotten about. We are all in it together and when the 8 weeks comes to an end I hope you feel so alive you want to tell everyone you know, because that is what we all deserve. 

Ready? Let's, go.



And We're Off!

Fewer things get us excited then badass workouts all winter long. It might be cold and dark outside but at CREW we have been heating things up...and here is your personal newsletter to keep you in the know with everything going on this month!!!

20 Healthy Days

For the first time ever we launched our 20 HEALTHY DAYS program! Paired with our workouts here at the studio, we shared our favorite green juice and soup cleanse as well as our balanced meal guide. Interested in knowing more? drop us a line and we can help navigate you through your own 20 healthy days! It’s never too late to start…

Cycling at DTH

We've got 5 more bikes for five times the fun!

We've got 5 more bikes for five times the fun!

DTH had five more bikes delivered today which means five times the fun. Keep an eye out for our new classes launching in Haverhill this week including our signature 90 minute ride and new to the agenda CYCLE 101: Basics. As always - each class at CREW accommodates every level of fitness which means you do not have to fear the 90 minute ride and CYCLE 101 is great for your first visit or your 100th. (CYCLE 101 is a workshop style class with an educational and practice type approach to perfect your ride)

Trampoline Class

TRAIN: Trampoline is back and better than ever. You’ll see this half hour cardio party pop up throughout your week. Reserve your spot and get sweaty… we can promise this is one of the most effective 30 minute workouts you’ll ever experience. 

guys 2.jpg

For the Boys

GUYS!!! CREW is for the boys.. and we don’t limit you to just Saturdays. From now until February guys come for FREE. We repeat from now until February the guys have unlimited access to classes.

Come one come all. Ladies… you’re welcome. 

Winter Workout Kickstart Series

Finally, we launched SIX WEEK MEMBERSHIPS. For a limited time special six week unlimited memberships are available to you. We decided that our passion for building summer bodies in winter is real and spring break is just about six weeks from now.

One Year Unlimited

Love CREW? For a limited time only, lock in for the year at our LOWEST rate EVER ($800+ savings over the course of the year)!

We can’t wait to keep up the badassery in the studio and sweat all weekend long. 

Questions, comments, concerns? Hit us up at

Love to love you,

20 Healthy Days

Here we go CREW…the official kick off for a healthy year has started...(Cue New Years resolution bull shit here).

We are switching things up in 2018 and we must admit we are excited for the things ahead.

As we begin a new year and a clean slate we are setting the scene for lasting lifestyle changes and small goals that are leading to big victories. So we thought the best way to get it going was with a healthy 20 days.


You can do anything for 20 days…and more than that it takes just 21 days to create a new habit. For the first 20 days we have you covered with meal plans, cleanses, easy recipes, around the clock inspiration, and next level sweat sessions. Then on day 21 we are empowering you to keep it going, all 👏🏻 year 👏🏻 long 👏🏻. 

Whether you’ve been coming for 4 years, 4 days, or you’re just starting your journey with CREW... a healthy 20 days is for you. A chance to cleanse the old and fire up the new. Elevate your life this year. We promise you won’t regret it. 

CREW Client Appreciation!

We Love You...

Exactly 4 years ago I was at my job wondering what it was I was going to do with my life. Sure, I loved my job and I was definitely good at it, but besides that I felt nothing. I had just gone through one of the hardest years of my life and all I wanted to do was be able to help people, but had no idea how I could do it. One random June day I took my first barre class and the rest was history.

Sure, I wanted to help people and I was confident giving a great class could do that, but I didn’t realize that the impact would go far beyond a sweaty arm series. In fact, the last thing I thought I was creating when I opened those studio doors was a community.

Actually, the word community might be an understatement. It’s more like bad-ass-fun-inspiring-supportive-feels-more-like-family type of thing. I am blown away by the remarkable people that not only walked through the doors, but stayed. I am in awe of the strangers who have become friends, teachers who have become family, and for our OG barre flys who have been ambassadors to our company for all these years. 

YOU, ALL OF YOU, are amazing human beings and it is an honor and a privilege to lead you in class everyday. You have helped us create a place that so many call a "happy place", a "sanctuary", and even a "home away from home". YOU give us a reason to celebrate. We are so thankful that you have let us be a part of your lives. 

As a small token of our appreciation to you, we invite you to celebrate our CREW at Teased Salon & Spa on Thursday May 25th. From 3pm-7pm enjoy a complimentary blow-out, cocktails and snacks at a private party just for you!