Battle of the CREWS

February 1st - March 1st

Kristen here! Lets be honest, does anything really get the blood pumping like a friendly competition? We don’t think so. For the first time ever we are introducing, Battle of the CREWS. Two teams, two captains, one goal to be the strongest.


Our mission at CREW has never been to create size 0 bodies and make everyone look the same, thats no how it works and for a lot of people being a size 0 simply isn’t healthy. The mission here has always been to live a balanced life within your happy healthy weight and to become a strong badass that can take on anything that comes your way.


The entire idea behind this battle is to take the time between now and March 1st to really push yourself to become strong. For five Friday nights, starting February 1st we will be running 90 minute workouts. Why 90 minutes? You don’t usually do 90 minute workouts. Strength is built in the moments of struggle. When you are fatigued as all hell but you decide to keep pushing that is where your strength is made.

With your team and your captain, you’ll come to “CREW AFTER DARK”. Besides being super fun (did someone say disco ball?) these workouts will vary week to week. You’ll have an equal amount of strength training and cardio and when you’re done we promise you’ll feel like a a badass.


Then on March 1st our two teams are going to compete in a series of team based exercises to determine a winner. In addition we will be taking $10 from each registration and putting it in a pot. The person who loses the most amount of body fat between February 1st to March 1st wins the pot. HELLO… nothing some sweet doll hairs to sweeten the deal.

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