And We're Off!

Fewer things get us excited then badass workouts all winter long. It might be cold and dark outside but at CREW we have been heating things up...and here is your personal newsletter to keep you in the know with everything going on this month!!!

20 Healthy Days

For the first time ever we launched our 20 HEALTHY DAYS program! Paired with our workouts here at the studio, we shared our favorite green juice and soup cleanse as well as our balanced meal guide. Interested in knowing more? drop us a line and we can help navigate you through your own 20 healthy days! It’s never too late to start…

Cycling at DTH

We've got 5 more bikes for five times the fun!

We've got 5 more bikes for five times the fun!

DTH had five more bikes delivered today which means five times the fun. Keep an eye out for our new classes launching in Haverhill this week including our signature 90 minute ride and new to the agenda CYCLE 101: Basics. As always - each class at CREW accommodates every level of fitness which means you do not have to fear the 90 minute ride and CYCLE 101 is great for your first visit or your 100th. (CYCLE 101 is a workshop style class with an educational and practice type approach to perfect your ride)

Trampoline Class

TRAIN: Trampoline is back and better than ever. You’ll see this half hour cardio party pop up throughout your week. Reserve your spot and get sweaty… we can promise this is one of the most effective 30 minute workouts you’ll ever experience. 

guys 2.jpg

For the Boys

GUYS!!! CREW is for the boys.. and we don’t limit you to just Saturdays. From now until February guys come for FREE. We repeat from now until February the guys have unlimited access to classes.

Come one come all. Ladies… you’re welcome. 

Winter Workout Kickstart Series

Finally, we launched SIX WEEK MEMBERSHIPS. For a limited time special six week unlimited memberships are available to you. We decided that our passion for building summer bodies in winter is real and spring break is just about six weeks from now.

One Year Unlimited

Love CREW? For a limited time only, lock in for the year at our LOWEST rate EVER ($800+ savings over the course of the year)!

We can’t wait to keep up the badassery in the studio and sweat all weekend long. 

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Love to love you,