Spring Shred is HERE!

We are so excited to be launching our new challenge program next weekend. With the temperatures rising and longer days on the horizon our summer clothes are just weeks away from breaking out of the closet. With that said, its time to get our booty’s into bomb shape, cue: Spring Shred. 

When you register for our 8 week program:

You’ll gain unlimited access to our online studio, nutrition guide lines for the entire eight weeks, 3-day detox program, as well as some of our favorite recipes. In addition, we will be offering weekly challenge classes that you can take advantage of including small group personal training and exclusive cardio sessions. Don’t forget our spring shed meetings- including kick-off, midway, and wrap party.

Here’s how it works:

Non Members (clients who are not currently in an unlimited package or membership):

$325 for 40 classes/5 classes per week + Registration

Limited Members:

$125 40 classes/5 classes per week + Registration

Limitless Members (or unlimited pass holder):

$75 Registration 

Are you ready? Sign up today!