1000 Days of CREW (kinda)

Once upon 1000 days ago, we started this little place called Barre Fly. It was in the back ally of Lafayette Square in Haverhill.  Our 900 square foot studio had no signage, it was adorned with dirty white bricks, and chicken wire that covered the windows. The only way you would ever know we were there is by word of mouth and on your first visit you were told to just find the purple door. (spray painted by yours truly) . So what we are trying to say is that "started from the bottom" was basically written about us. 

Fast forward, 1000 days, 2 branding changes, and 1 move later (ask about the flood)-- and we are CREW, what a ride it has been.  Building this community has been my proudest accomplishment and for no other reason besides the people it has brought together and the magic you have all created. 

I use the word magic because I'm not sure there is a better word for what happens within these four walls. Outside of working incredibly hard within class- the support everyone gives to one another is overwhelming. You help each other everyday... not just in class but in life.. which is badass.

If you asked me on September 1st 2013 where I saw myself in 1,000 days , I'm not sure I could of even imagined where we are now. I am so excited for the next 1,000 days with CREW. We have so many things in the pipeline to create an even more magical space, new spaces, and a platform that will take us further than we could of dreamed. 

I hope you check back to our Community page often, that you share your CREW stories with us, and you keep kicking ass, cause you are all epic humans. 

Peace & Love,