Proud to Introduce CREW Gives a $#*!

The community at CREW is really one of the things that we love most. The camaraderie between members as well as the staff is nothing short of inspiring. So many amazing people walk through our doors to sweat with us, each with their own passion and story to tell, each with their own goals and aspirations. We’ve learned so much from these members over the years. They have helped shape our story and given our space a heartbeat. Which is why we want to give back. 

Introducing, CREW Gives a $^#!. Inspired by our members fueled by community with a goal to give back. We want to support the causes that are most important to our clients, as a team, to put some positivity back in the world. 

Inspired by Our Youngest CREW Member

To be totally transparent - CREW Gives a $^#! was hugely inspired by our youngest member, Angie. You see Angie’s mom, Lisa, is essentially the team captain around the studio. Lisa aka L DES is a connector, a community builder, a thoughtful gem, and a special soul. It is totally safe to say the studio wouldn’t be the same without her. Lisa and Angie come for workouts together when they can (which we LOVE) and were chatting about a special project Angie is working on for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. 

Here’s what Angie has to say…

My name is Angelina Lucia, and I am a twelve year old girl. Being twelve and Jewish means that my Bat Mitzvah is coming up. For any Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you have to do a B’Mitzvoh Tav project; that means you do a whole project that can be about anything like sports, music, etc. I happened to pick books because I love to read and want to share and promote that.

For my project, I am collecting books to donate to hospitals, classroom libraries from schools I’ve attended, a local shelter, and my little free library. There are different ways I am collecting those books. One way, is that I am hosting little get togethers where I read to a certain age group and they bring new or gently used book donations for that age. Another way is that I am doing a read-a-thon where you have someone sponsor you, and for every book you read, they will buy one. In addition, I made an Amazon wishlist so that people can buy and donate books that will be recent and interesting. 

This is where you come in. I wrote this letter to ask you for donations. Any books you think kids ages infant through young adult would like to hear read to them or read themselves, would you please consider sending to me?

Being read to and reading is such an important part of life; it can help with stress relief, focus, mental stimulation, writing skills, and memory. 

I would so greatly appreciate any donations.

<Heart Melt Inserted Here>

We are so excited to have a book drive at the studio and help Angie make some significant donations. Through July you can bring new or gently used books to the studio and put them right on the buffet table in the main lobby!

Do you have an idea for CREW Gives?

Click the button below and fill out the form to have your cause considered!

Marathon Weekend


I read a quote forever ago that said…

“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.”

THIS… is so true. 

A year ago, I ran the Boston marathon. Not only did I run the Boston marathon but I did it without training for it (thats a long story). Yes, I did finish, despite the insane conditions, but it was because of the people along the route and everyone who waiting for me at the finish line. 

There were dogs, kids giving out high fives, volunteers feeding me pretzels, strangers handing out orange slices, police officers cheering me on…It. Was. Moving. I can’t forget Debbie that I met at mile 22 who said we were finishing even if we had to crawl over the finish line…she was a badass. 

See the thing is, I had an obsession with the marathon since I was a kid. I loved watching it on tv. I had never been to a marathon in person until last year and I can tell you that I’ll never miss another one. There is already a magic in the air in the city…you can feel the energy. 

Whats the point of this rant? 

Right on Hereford…to a sea of ditched ponchos in 2018!

Right on Hereford…to a sea of ditched ponchos in 2018!

Well first of all…it’s a plea that if you’ve never been into our sweet little city to watch the marathon, GO. Run, don’t walk (see what I did there). You will be shook with the amount of positive contagious energy you’ll feel. I can also guarantee you will be in awe by the people crossing that finish line. So, if you’re in the market for some inspiration, get your cow bell on and get out there.

Second, it’s a nudge to get you thinking. Most of us are blessed enough to be strong and healthy and able, so what goal to you have that you are putting off? A 5k? A tough mudder? A half marathon? Hiking Mount Washington? 

If you’re waiting for the right time to start crossing goals off your list, I have bad news. It is never the right time. My life was in literal shambles when I ran Boston. Could I have had a better time if I had trained? Sure. That wasn’t part of my story though. For me, I did this huge thing and I was able to prove to myself how strong I really am. I proved to myself that pain is temporary and that once your heart decides to do something — your body and your mind will follow. 

Happy Marathon weekend Boston. If you’re lucky enough to be running this year — soak it all in, even the rain. You will get to Boston, because you were brave enough to start, and damn strong enough to finish.


Spread the Love

Doing our part to spread some love.

We’re putting a new spin on Valentine’s Day and for the month of February CREW is doing our part to spread the love.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up! Create a personal goal for how many classes you want to take in February. Complete 10, 20, or 30 classes during February. While you’re signing up, nominate someone you know to receive a random act of kindness and why they deserve to feel the love this month.

For every 300 visits to CREW the studio will grant a random act of kindness!

Complete your personal goal and get some love from CREW. We will be serving up surprises all month long.


Sign up here!

Your Name *
Your Name
Random act of kindness nominee *
Random act of kindness nominee

Battle of the CREWS

February 1st - March 1st

Kristen here! Lets be honest, does anything really get the blood pumping like a friendly competition? We don’t think so. For the first time ever we are introducing, Battle of the CREWS. Two teams, two captains, one goal to be the strongest.


Our mission at CREW has never been to create size 0 bodies and make everyone look the same, thats no how it works and for a lot of people being a size 0 simply isn’t healthy. The mission here has always been to live a balanced life within your happy healthy weight and to become a strong badass that can take on anything that comes your way.


The entire idea behind this battle is to take the time between now and March 1st to really push yourself to become strong. For five Friday nights, starting February 1st we will be running 90 minute workouts. Why 90 minutes? You don’t usually do 90 minute workouts. Strength is built in the moments of struggle. When you are fatigued as all hell but you decide to keep pushing that is where your strength is made.

With your team and your captain, you’ll come to “CREW AFTER DARK”. Besides being super fun (did someone say disco ball?) these workouts will vary week to week. You’ll have an equal amount of strength training and cardio and when you’re done we promise you’ll feel like a a badass.


Then on March 1st our two teams are going to compete in a series of team based exercises to determine a winner. In addition we will be taking $10 from each registration and putting it in a pot. The person who loses the most amount of body fat between February 1st to March 1st wins the pot. HELLO… nothing some sweet doll hairs to sweeten the deal.

Want to start your journey to become your best badass self? Click below and sign up. Once you sign up, you’ll start to receive all the info you need to get going!


NEW Small Group Training

small group training

A new way to challenge your mind & body.

We officially survived the holidays and are finally getting back into the swing of things over here. 2018 was the year of Revenge Tour at the studio, and we were THRILLED with the results. The before and after photos couldn’t have been more inspiring. The biggest take away from each tour was how much everyone loved our small group training.

Small group training moved the body in a completely different way then a tuck or tone class. By introducing heavier weights and new props we allowed you to work your muscles in different ways. All of these things have a positive effect with burning fat and gaining lean muscle.

We are always firm believers in shaking things up and adding variety into your routine. If you’re ready for something new, taking on a new challenge, and gaining some fresh inspiration, we really encourage you to add small group training to your schedule.

Small Group Schedule

Initially we will be offering six time slots per week, these will be offered at dawn patrol, in the evening, as well as afternoon and weekends. When you add the small group training option to your membership, you gain unlimited access to these classes. We encourage you to sign up ahead of time as space in each class is limited to keep the setting intimate and personal.


Not sure if you’re ready to add the option to your membership? Single visits are also available in our online store.
Our first small group starts on Monday, January 14th. If you have any questions- just let us know! LFG.

Do It


How is it already almost October? Anybody else feel like time is flying by at record speed?! For me, I always felt like this time of year was a new beginning…I think from when I was a kid…fresh school supplies and a new pair of school shoes gave me new life.


Honestly, it’s a great time of year to reflect on what you’ve done so far this year and what is left to check off on the list (I love a good list). Personally, I always set out on a new year with some great goals, sometimes I crush them, sometimes I fall off the wagon, but right around this time of year I like to take a little inventory.

If you have a health or wellness goal that you’ve haven’t checked off your list yet this year, listen up. Just because the summer is over and sweater season has arrived doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop cranking. Actually, we think it’s the best time of year to get fit - can you say, jump start on a fresh year? Or how about some compliments about how great you look at the holidays? Little black dress on NYE?

The Revenge Tour

If you like the sound of any of this jump on board with our Revenge Tour. Our 8 week fitness program starts on Monday, October 1st and you have 24 hours left to register. If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, sign up. If you need to put yourself first for once, sign up. If you’re ready to transform your life from the inside out, sign up.

What you’ll soon realize, is that this is so much more then a fitness challenge. You’re going to work hard but you’re going to feel amazing. You aren’t going on a “diet” and you aren’t giving anything up. Your just going to learn how to feel your best and be surrounded by 24/7 support.

It’s time to make shit happen…… LFG.